There are several reasons why individuals may request cremation after they die. Some people may plan their own cremation service while others will leave the details up to a partner, friend or relative. This article will discuss the reasons why you might want a cremation service.

Keep Loved Ones Close

Many people who choose cremation do so in order to feel close to their loved ones. When a friend or family member is cremated, you can keep their ashes with you at all times.

This is in sharp contrast to a burial, where you might have to drive miles to visit your loved one’s final resting place. This is even more of an advantage in cases where several family members would like to be reminded of the impact that a particular individual had on their life.

Cremation is More Affordable

Cremation is more affordable than burial. With a cremation service, you only need to cover the cost of cremation and the cost of your repast. With a burial you need a large casket, you’ll need to pay workers to help with the burial and there may be other associated costs.

Individuals may request cremation at Covina cremation or another crematory in order to leave their family with a fresh start. They don’t want to incur costs that are prohibitive and prefer that the cost of their final rest be as affordable as possible.

Scatter the Ashes to Celebrate their Life

With cremation, you can celebrate your loved one’s life by leaving their ashes in a place that was meaningful to them. For example, if they volunteered at a community center, you can scatter their ashes at a tree there with the permission of the administration of the center.

If someone enjoyed the outdoors, you could scatter their ashes at their favorite spot in a garden. The idea of having their ashes in a place that was important to them helps to create a feeling of continuity for their loved ones as well.

Makes Overseas Burials Less Challenging

In these times, families are scattered far and wide. It’s not uncommon for a loved one to die in a particular country and have family members in several other areas who would like to attend a service.

With cremation, each individual can receive some of the individual’s ashes. This can be paired with a virtual cremation ceremony. This would not be possible if you had to choose one location for a burial.